Best Stores To Shop At For Couponing!

Trying to figure out which stores work the best with couponers like myself, can be a bit difficult at times when there are 10+ stores in the general area where I have the option to shop at.

Discussing this topic with several others who do couponing in Ohio, and more specifically in my area, I have come to the conclusion that I will be shopping for food and personal care items between Buehlers, Wal-mart and Rite Aid. Mainly Buehlers for food unless I get a better deal at Wal-mart. 

Now that I have narrowed down my stores, I can now find the deals at each of these stores, find coupons that go along with the deals the stores have and shop during those sales!

This is what I have done so far

  • Printed Manufactures coupons from Coupon Mom under the Grocery Deals By State section.
  • Sorted through all coupons, picking ONLY the ones that I will use, (products like cat food I will not need coupons for since I don’t own any cats! But I do have them saved with all the other coupons I will not use, in case I come across someone who may be able to use them.)
  • Sorted all printed coupons by date. This is how I plan on using my coupons to start since I don’t have a whole lot just yet. I have them in a little binder that almost looks like a clutch purse that I can carry in another purse with me whenever I go shopping.
  • I sorted weekly. What expires this week goes in the first section, coupons expiring next week goes in the next section.. etc… Coupons from 7/13 and on I put in the back to sort through next month. I will only do two months at a time to make it easier currently.
  • Clipped coupons from the circulars.
  • I then paired all alike coupons so that I am able to DOUBLE my savings on certain products with the manufacturer and store coupon savings.

Eventually I will use my larger binder with the baseball card and other types of plastic holders and sort by product, I just like knowing when my coupons expire right now while I’m starting out.

Tip #1: Use the manufacturers coupon with the store coupon to save double on your purchase!
How to do this?
1) Print or clip Manufacturers coupon from flyers like the SmartSource & RedPlum, Magazines & different Circulars. You find these in Newspapers or they even come in the mail if you’re lucky!
2) Store Coupons, obviously are found in the store but also in the papers under their own flyers they throw in there.

Double check the coupon to see if it mentions the store name at the top (usually left) of the coupon or if it says “Manufactures coupon.” Some may say “Target Coupon” or “Dollar General” meaning you can only use those at those particular stores.

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